Unique Investment Opportunity

Tavan’s commitment to quality is defined by their meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. From the early visioning of the design, to the careful selection and installation of the finest materials, Tavan achieves stunning results.

Every detail of a home is thoroughly planned to ensure the completed project is done to its fullest potential, delivering the utmost value. The Tavan Team takes pride in adding true value to every project, while working within the parameters of the space and scope. They are committed to delivering a home with significance and worth.

Tavan knows that building a home, each with its own distinct and unique character, is the beginning of many long-lasting memories with friends and family. Providing the design, development and construction skills and experience to match your investment opportunities is the Tavan Group’s speciality. We look forward to discussing the details with you.

Single Family Projects

As a world-class award-winning homebuilder, Tavan works closely with local and international clientele looking to invest in Vancouver’s emerging real estate market. We offer our clients sound investment advice and opportunities.

Multi Family Projects

From distinctive townhomes to attractive, desirable condominiums, Tavan is actively pursuing equity partners to develop, design and construct in the Greater Vancouver area. Investors are invited to be a part of Tavan Group’s newest Multi-family Division. Contact us to discuss how you can partner with us on this desirable condominium market

To Invest

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