Adera Renewal

This grand looking home had a fifteen-year-old indoor pool. The new homeowners were faced with big issues, with water damage appearing in the stairwell. At first, it just looked like a new roof was needed but upon close inspection it was apparent that the leaks were aggressive, causing water damage and windows rotting. Ninety percent of home’s exterior had to be removed and the exterior envelope done correctly. The home received all new windows, siding, stone, posts and ballasts.

Tavan Luxury Homes Vancouver - 01

Once all the remedial work was successfully completed there was the opportunity to update and enhance the home’s interior. All the mechanical was replaced including adding proper ventilation, a dehumidifier and an air-conditioning system.

Nine zones of in-floor radiant-heating on a recirculating-pump were installed, controlled by Nest thermostats. With such an impressive change to the front entry, there’s an exciting new sense of arrival! A magnificent chandelier hangs in the two-storey space.

Dark, rich-toned hardwood flooring flows throughout home. Complementing it is a stunning marble floor.

Beautiful mouldings, paneling and gorgeous leaded glass completes the look.

The new stairway has classic wood spindles and a dark wood cap that matches the flooring.

There’s a formal den just off the foyer where we added a cleverly designed hidden bedroom. The attractive living room and dining room look and feel much larger now. Incorporating simple ceiling details and wainscoting give the rooms character, balance and focus. New light fixtures give proper illumination to the space, plus add some glamour! 

Downstairs, the theatre room was finished and is now a favourite gathering place for the family.