Beach House Classic

This ocean-front home in White Rock has a spectacular location with an incredible view but needed some remediation and renewal.


A concrete-built home, our first challenge was to completely strip the exterior cedar siding and replace it with properly finished cedar siding. Extensive remediation was done on the pool area, including the pool’s mechanical issues.

Inside, the home floorplan is in a zipper-fashion’ which results in multiple levels. It was determined that the floorplan layout needed a full redesign in order to improve functionality and the home’s visual aesthetics. 

Careful planning was done to redesign the space to be more comfortable and functional.

Major furniture pieces were custom made to match the shape of the room.

For this contemporary home to function properly, some walls needed to be removed. In particular, the master bedroom had an awkward layout. By removing one wall, the room was opened-up.  But, because this is a concrete home, the low-voltage cable, which fed up through the home from the mechanical room in the basement, couldn’t be moved to another space. By creating a square metal pole in the bedroom, the cables were left undisturbed. This pole became the support for a plexiglass floating TV screen. Images were projected onto this screen from an overhead unit. When not in use the plexiglass screen folds away to the side. This obscure glass detail is mimicked in the front door panels, the in-house elevator sides and door.   

Upstairs the living room was retrofitted with an air-conditioner to mitigate the heat gain from the expansive south-facing windows. Again, this level had an awkward layout with multiple focal points.