Adera Radiance

This grand home feels a part of the history of this quiet Shaughnessy neighbourhood. The influences of English Tudor, Craftsman and Georgian are combined perfectly into in a bold and beautiful statement.


A welcoming front entry and adjacent porch captures a nostalgic feeling, but this home is built with all the modern conveniences!  Every detail has been scrutinized both inside and out and the result is glamorous, yet comfortable living.

Rich, classic materials and finishing create interest and intrigue throughout the home.  Coved detailing, classic-styled wall panelling, unique marble countertops and fireplace facings all integrate into this well-orchestrated plan.

The kitchen greatroom is flooded with natural light from the abundance of windows across the back wall and the clever, vaulted skylight is punctuated with a cascading crystal light fixture.

Calm, luxurious, classic elegance at its best.

This warm, inviting kitchen holds many wonderful surprises – a marble-topped grand island, four distinct food prep areas, a hearth-styled hood over the gas range and storage opportunities galore.
Upstairs, the attractive detailing of the stained glass insets within classic wood panelling, the richness of the wood on the custom-built butler cabinet in the upper hallway, through to the extraordinary warmth and glamour of the master bedroom and ensuite bath.
We love creating functional, outstanding spaces in the lower level of the home. We scrutinize every inch of space to create the greatest beauty and value. This home is no exception with its amazing boldly-lit bar and a wine room literally wrapped in red brick and glass. The ceiling details, dark wood wall-panels, sound-proofed media room integrate beautifully to enhance family and friend get-togethers.